Le Brebant
Musée D’Orsay

It’s been a week and a half since I’ve finished my exams. I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything up until know, but my days have been all about restoring my sleep pattern and catching on with tv shows. Oh, and a weekend getaway to Paris.

There are no words to describe Paris. I haven’t traveled that much but, apart from home, Paris is by far my favorite city. Wherever I look there’s something to see, something to visit, something to eat, something to smell. The name city of light fits like a glove and there’s no way of getting bored: life is always happening around you.

It was my third visit to the city: the first one with my parents, the second with my partners in crime aka my cousins and this time I took my boyfriend along. I’m already planning trip number four if you wanna join (just kidding, I’ll give another city a try next year). One good thing about me and my boyfriend as traveling companions is that we both really really like to try new restaurants and foods. Since most of the Museums in Paris have a non-paying policy for EU citizens aged 25 or under, we got to visit pretty much everything we wanted and spend most of our money on what we love the most: to eat.

And that’s exactly what we did. We ate. We ate really great and delicious food, closing our eyes (not entirely, we didn’t loose our minds) to the almost prohibitive prices of Parisian restaurants. It was all worth it: we came home longing for the food we ate and incredibly happy with the restaurants we found. We tried to search for restaurants near our hotel so that after long days walking, dinner would be a a few minutes away from our base. We were luck enough to be surrounded by amazing places.

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