Beetroot and Thyme Risotto


After the most wonderful time of the year, comes the most dreaded time of the year, aka, finals season. I consider myself to be a pretty calm person and I’m rarely stressed or overwhelmed. This is the time it all shifts and I feel like a lunatic. Lack of sleep + hours and hours of studying can do that to you. I’m the living proof.

Anyhow, this also means my time in the kitchen will be nearly zero. Apart some quick meals, like pastas, everything I eat is either delivered or cooked by my grandma or my aunt and stored in the freezer. I also have a stack of noodles, chocolate and cookies, with are my best companions for late nights studying.

Nonetheless, I do have some recipes photographed and waiting for me to write something about them. I’ll try and post them while surviving the chaos.

Today’s recipe is this amazing Beetroot Risotto, from Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Home Cooking. I’ll definitely do it again once everything calms down. It’s not only easy but oh-so delicious. Give it a try! 🙂

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